Great places to visit around Lake Placid

Lake Placid is well known as being a training site for some of the United States’ greatest winter Olympians, but that’s not all this beautiful area has to offer. Lake Placid is an idyllic vacation spot because of the combination of adventurous and relaxing activities surrounding the lake.


If you’re into Olympic sports, Lake Placid is one of the best places in the US to visit. At the Lake Placid Olympic Center, you can take a tour of the facilities and learn about the history that has been made there, as well as what’s to come! You can also watch an ice show every Saturday night during the summer.

If you’re into high intensity sports, get up close and personal watching practices and competitions at the Olympic Ski Jump Complex or the Bobsled and Luge Complex. You really can’t appreciate the speeds and heights of these two sports until you’re only feet away from the action.

Herb Brooks Arena always has events going on, including hockey tournaments for all levels of competition.


There are many things can do around Lake Placid. For example, you can ice skate at Lake Placid Olympic Center – the same place that Olympians have trained – during the winter months.

Adventures abound around the Lake Placid area. Visitors can enjoy activities such as waterskiing, jetskiiing, boat tours, river rafting, tubing, and hiking. The Adirondacks offer all of these sports, depending on the season, of course.

A leisurely walk around Mirror Lake is highly recommended in the summertime, while ice skating and dogsled rides are popular winter activities. Mount Jo offers easy to moderate hiking trails that are perfect for viewing fall leaves. For winter activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and winter trail running, you must take a trip up to Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails. There are also several walking trails.


Taking it easy at Lake Placid is no problem, either! The Lake Placid Olympic Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the area and the Olympics as well. John Brown Farm State Historic Site, the home and grave site of abolitionist John Brown, is an interesting place to visit as well. Visitors can take a tour, cross-country ski, or watch re-enactments of Brown’s attack on a U.S. Arsenal.

St. Eustace Episcopal Church is a quiet spot near Lake Placid to rest and reflect on the beauty of the area. The interior of the church is a sight to behold as well, with its intricate stained glass windows inset against the church’s wooden structure. The church also hosts events throughout the year, including a strawberry festival in the summer.

A visit to Goose Watch Winery is sure to be a relaxing way to wind up your day at Lake Placid. They have an amazing variety of wines for your sampling, and a gift shop that hosts many gourmet foods and gifts produced in the area. Here, you can also enjoy incredible views of the Adirondacks any time of year.